What’s Nariva Boutique, who’s this woman, and what the hell is a hands free revolution…

Who’s this woman and what are these backpacks and why is she always banging on about lovingly raising our little ones – of course we lovingly raise our kids… and what’s this community about??  What’s a hands free revolution? What the hell does leather backpacks got to do with Karl Marx?

Nariva Boutique, backpacks

It’s about keeping things light and being free.


I’m Marie-Claire, I’m a backpack designer who just recently (can I say recently ‘cos he is three now?) had my baby boy. I designed arange of backpacks so I could chill and hang out with him.  To be honest they were for me and not for him.



So… I made them from high quality cow hide – or we can call it leather, I love simple elegant and straight lines with  pops of colour.  My backpack range were a reminder that I needed to continue to love my life, be free and light (as well practically cart us off to our Waterbabies swim classes…) I didn’t want to roll like a handbag street lady – with a million and one bags on my pram.  You mamas know what I’m talking about right – when you leave the house with your entire kitchen sink…

I wanted to move from work to travel and play without having to carry too much or be concerned with changing up my look. I wanted to be able to cycle right back to the nursery in my grey work suit and head right to the playground.


My little one is active and such great fun to be with.

But at times, I found myself feeling stressed, overwhelmed and just plain old tired.  You see I really wanted to be the  girl that I used to be – the one who lived in Japan for 2 years, bumped into a casting director for a musical and bang, landed one of the main characters of a musical show (nope I couldn’t even sing – nor dance for that matter… long story for another time…)

Landed her first PR job after, wait for it, after 5 minutes of her first interview and then going on to design a capsule vintage inspired coin purse range for HEALS of London , without stepping into a single design class – I studied Economics.


This is the kinda life I had mapped out for me.

So going from the above crazy unplanned spontaneous journey to carrying wet wipes and Ella’s Kitchen fruit pouches in my jacket pockets and rolling deep with a three year and his crew of toys, sticky fingers (Did I tell you I’m slightly OCD) with a continuous running nose, come winter, spring and summer.  This did not strike me as my kind of fun.

Is it possible to retain your own identity, have a fulfilling career, set up your own business, be that ambition cheeky girl that you used to be, that fun loving wife or partner team, that not a care in the world girl?.  Can we really seriously do it all and truly enjoy it all?

Nope you can’t DO it all… (Not by yourself anyways) others would argue otherwise.

… But you CAN enjoy yourself.

And that’s why I set up my community of sassy go getting mamas, aunties family members and or anyone that is responsible for raring these crazy little ones   (we’ll call you super mama’s even if you are a guy I hope that’s ok).   Because strength is really in the numbers, and the party is always better with more than one person right… and I truly believe that every mama should be able to enjoy the different stages of her mamahood journey.

So come on JOIN my community!  We are all about living life light, free and stylish.  We call it a hands free revolution of chill out ness.

What you’ll get!

When you join my community, you’ll get

√ a cool community, where you’ll not be judged, ignored or stalked.

√ you’ll roll with a bunch of reallycool  special super mama’s

√ you’ll get weekly bite sized tip email every Friday morning – 7am on the dot.

√ you’ll get a monthly newsletter we call it Tricks which highlights activities in your areas, fun things to do, or ideas to think about… and we run some cool events from time to time.

√ a bit of joy and laughter thrown in.

√ a free worksheet here and there to help you organise your FUN projects.

√ plus the opportunity to be the first to get information on new product launches…  I design backpacks – leather luxe ones – they are handmade to order… as well as other surprises from time to time


P.S. when we are happy our home and kids are happy and that’s how we can continue to lovingly raise our little ones… so that’s why I bleep the hell outta that phrase!



  1. Vanessa on April 8, 2017 at 10:20 pm

    Yay to the hands-free revolution!! Great post Madame Nariva!

  2. Audrey on April 9, 2017 at 4:44 am

    I’m glad ive joined the #handsfreerevolution. ?Being free and light in the busyness of life is a challenge but achievable and your backpacks Marie-Claire help me to do this. Stylish, chic and very practical. Love!

    • marieclaire on April 9, 2017 at 5:50 am

      We are so honoured that you are with us! ?

  3. Ufy on April 9, 2017 at 11:05 am

    Such an amazing initiative!! I love and weldone!!

  4. […] calling out to all sassy go getting Mamas to join the hands-free revolution. It’s a platform for mamas to be light and feel free whilst we enjoy her motherhood […]

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