Why you need to shop smarter not harder for the bag of your dreams.

Shop smarter not harder for the bag of your dreams.

Did you know that the average woman spends £45 on a bag? *cheap bags

Wow is that all you say to yourself…  

Well actually we ran a survey back in spring and found that of these women, they didn’t often buy one bag, or several bags, no, nope! But … many, yes, many bags!  At least between 8-10 times on average a year – that’s about £450 a year handbag budget.  Let’s say that within the next THREE years the handbag budget considered, levels to over £1,000.

Where would you stash 30 bags, where do you put them?

Shopping harderWell of this group, the main reason for the repeat purchase of bags were a combination of the following; the low price of the bag, or the bag had become tired and knackered, fallen apart and a hole had emerged from the lining, or “the bag no longer supported my needs”. Soon the said bag was found slung over the bedroom door; unloved and unkept or stashed in a ‘to sort charity box’. You know the one that you actually never get around to sorting.

So the journey to Primark, Zara, M&S or Target began… choosing another low ranged bag.

Long, arduous, nightmare queues.  A scramble for the last colour in the style left, which resulted in you stalking that woman and her trolley, to see if or when she discards said bag.  And she does to your delight.

Not to mention the car, tube, train journey there and back.  Only to return 2 – 3 months later, (if that) to buy yet another said bag, because:

a) You fancied it, you’re a bag addict and can’t help yourself.


b) Said bag had broken, you want your money back or an exchange.

Mason mini me and friends

Well if you’ve indulged in a bit of handbag hoarding and are a seasoned shopper, and trust me I used to shop like that, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that the Nariva Boutique shopping experience is none of the above.   It’s actually provides greater value and makes perfect sense for you uber cool, busy women.Carla mini me backpacks

“Well you would say that your the designer” you say… but if you’re still with me and have the patterned shopping habit of that above, I’m going to challenge you to shop smarter, not harder.

Notice the title is bag of your dreams – so the bag doesn’t necessarily have to be a Nariva Boutique number.

But I’m going to remind you why a £289 leather backpack is likely to cost less than your trip back and forth to Primark, Target, M&S or wherever you choose to buy your value fashionable bag or backpack.

  1. First up, the Nariva Boutique shopping experience is online.
    • So no queues, unless you have a dodgy internet provider.
    • This also means that you can’t touch or feel the leather, but our images are true to the actual sample. Or which we can send you out a sample leather swatch if you so desire.
  2. The leather we use is sumptuous and soft, it’s not cheap.
  3. We like to buy vegetable tanned or dyed leathers as we want to be good to our planet. We also want the leather to last longer.
  4. Every backpack comes with care instructions, a gift box and a dust bag.
    • We tell you how to store and where to place your backpack.
    • Most importantly give you a dust bag to place your backpack in.
  5. We also hand make our backpacks in our UK studio.
    • We know the person who hands cuts the leather and uses traditional British craftsmanship (she a lass though) to ensure it’s up to our standard.
  6. Our cutter has nibble fingers, but she is not 5 years old.
  7. We also used high end trimmings and trinkets as we would hate for our efforts to fall apart – this goes right down to the detail of the threads we use and zips we include.
  8. Most importantly we guarantee that your backpack won’t fall apart.
    • If it does we have a no quibble replacement and send you a new one promptly.
    • By the way we don’t just have lots of backpacks hanging around; we don’t even make them in batches ready to sell. We hand make them to order.
  9. We also strive to make them limited edition pieces as we believe everyone should afford themselves a tailored luxury once or two in their lives.
    • We’re not a big brand and we don’t want to be.
    • We’re here to support women, mother, wives, colleagues and bosses to live more freely, gregariously, stylish and hands free…
  10. We were born to do this and you were made to stand out! Plus our mini me range costs less than £300!

Come check us out!

Olivia Rose mini me backpack

So you can either buy harder or shop smarter!   We know you’re super busy and so design our backpacks for uber busy women, whatever stage they are along their journey! Simple, elegant luxe leather backpacks made for the various roles we courageously take on.

We want you to stop, pause for a moment or two, breathe and take time for yourself.

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