How to get a stroppy toddler to behave?

How do you get your active stroppy toddler to behave… stop running, shouting and jumping around the kitchen making noise while you are trying to brief your grandma’s carer… it doesn’t have to be this scenario… Can be how to get your toddlers boys to not throw the TV remote …  or settle down and listen – without SHOUTING!  Or throwing your toys out of your pram.


active, noisy toddlers to calm down

How to get your toddler to behave

See my FIVE tips below …

  1. Whisper, don’t shout … (well I try not to at least…)
  1. Beckon into another room, distraction technique
  1. Get down to their level – they’re only teeny
  1. Then repeat slowly in one sentence that what’s being done is not nice and makes you feel sad or upset (that’s important)
  1. Then get your active little one to count to 10, 20, (we are now on 50) with their eyes closed… start the counting together





The above steps work for me and sometimes I switch up the order depending on where I am…

I find little ones loves to count slowly and this enables slow breathing almost meditational, which helps focus and concentration.


Found these tips helpful then please share with a discerning go getting mama, caregiver and or friend or comment below and let me know what tips you use.

More information about active toddler behaviour can be found here

Or here


Here at Nariva Boutique  we’re all about feeling light, being free whilst we lovingly raise our little ones.


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