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Spring is finally here, and we at Nariva Boutique are all about feeling light, being free.

Our mission is to bring you MORE joy,  also a bit of laughter seriously helps in finding moments of enjoyment throughout our motherhood journey.  As we all know it’s a journey which can be fraught with pain, overwhelm and tiredness.

I’ve been there, days when you just can’t leave the house, where you’ve been up all night nursing a little one through upset tummies, teething, or soothing your little one through over tiredness or irritableness.   Days when you just want the world to leave you alone and days when you just want the day to be over, like the moment when you literally just woke up!  And then you have to face the office, the school run or pieces of Lego thrown down the stairs, entrance of the bathroom, toilet and kitchen sink.

The  need for sleep....

We are often told that a good night sleep solves it all, helps rejuvenate the spirit and energises the juices.   And boy how I wish for EIGHT solid hours of perfect sleep – alone!

But how…?

It’s a bit tricky trying to bank your hours of sleep, especially when you have those pesky little sleep bandits, a household to keep happy, and a demanding career or running your own business, what about trying to eat healthily and exercise? What about connecting and keeping on top of your friendships – date night with your partner? – What’s that? A coffee or a catch up your school mate? – Who’s that?

Some food for thought

… Read my tried and tested pointers for a good night’s sleep – they do work, honestly they do, but if not, then they will certainly make you smile.


Nariva Boutique’s FIVE tips for a good night’s sleep...

  1. Talk with and explain the need for a good night sleep with your partner (so plan, negotiate, beg or barter, whatever it takes so that you are not the one who has to do the baby, toddler night shift) If you have no partner then apply the above tactics to your children, baby or toddler, a promise of chocolate usually works or promise of nonstop Paw Patrol works with my little one when hubby is abroad.
  2. Ensure you switch off all modes of technology, this means that mobile phone, which can be usually found stuck to your ear.  Charge the phone in the basement or the kitchen, as far away as possible from your bedroom.
  3. Plan a long and relaxing bath or shower.  Use candles and slow low music.
  4. Grab your favourite night cap  (no alcohol please, maybe hot chocolate or a ginger herbal tea)
  5. Choose a bedtime light reading book (no deep sad stories of how to write code)


Know anyone with sleep troubles or any mama, care giver or friend in need of a pick me up, then please do share…

Here at Nariva Boutique, we are all about feeling light, being free and enjoying our parenting journey, as we lovingly raise our little ones.  If you enjoyed reading Nariva Boutique’s Tricks and know any discerning, go getting mamas who want more joy in the work life balance jive, then please forward this blog post to them.

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