7 steps to help you claim back your mornings.

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Read our 7 steps to help you claim back your calm morning routine

Picture this, the weekends over, it‘s Monday morning! Toys are everywhere, the TV’s blaring, breakfast has not been sorted and you have a half dressed toddler refusing to get dressed, crying for his/her blue Lego clip.  This clip is smaller than a speck of dust, and can’t be seen by the human eye. And to top it all off, you’re running late for work and you have new routine, the start of big school.

But how do you bring this under control with a new routine. 

My toddler has just started big school, and at first I thought, this is going to be a breeze, he’ll love it – we’ll just send him into school.  We don’t need the settling in period, he’ll stay the whole day, no sweat he’ll be fine.  Plus 11 of his nursery buddies will also be in the same class.  We’ll cruise into school no problem.  After his first two hours of school, my toddler boy said that he wanted to relax at home, and that big school was not for him.  I know that was the first day one, but after week three, every morning there was an issue:

Here’s this week’s list

“I’m too tired”

“I don’t want to wear that”

“Why can’t I wear my hoodie”…

Or and “I don’t want to get in the car today” or

“I want grannie to take me to school…”

Rising to the challenge

So instead of losing faith in the situation, throwing my towel in and begging for him to be sent back to where he came from, I went back to basics.  And believe me some of these tips are so simple, I can completely understand why we adults sometimes forget them.  In fact these tips work in any scenario, whether you are an auntie, uncle, nana or friend and trying to organise your mornings.

7 practical tips

Here’s what I’ve learnt and some practical ideas to get that little one off to transiting smoothly, setting them up for a positive morning.  Pumping them up with vibes that will stay with them for the rest of the day.  Making your life a little bit easier in the mornings and enabling you to calmly get into work on time and have a productive day.

  1. Getting your child to bed earlier – and NO screen time before bed
  2. Getting your child up a bit earlier – getting up with 30 minutes to go is not going to kick it.
  3. Preparation the night before – even planning breakfast and getting your bags ready. Check out some hand free options to make the actual journey more manageable.
  4. Adopt a simple routine, try not pack too much in – don’t try and hoover the house, or empty the bins or even checking that social media 60 second video… don’t do it you’ll go down that hole of no return.
  5. Give choices – No one likes to be bossed around. If you are trying to get them to brush their teeth, ask whether they want to brush their teeth in the bedroom in front of their mirror or in the bathroom
  6. Make it fun, play it out – we have started a game called the first one dressed and outta the door.
  7. Kisses, hugs and  connecting.  Why leave the house in a grump, let your little one know that they are cherished loved and that you are with them regardless of a few hiccups in the am.
  8. Get your other half to reinforce steps 1 -7.  Sharing is caring.staying calm

Some cool extra reading of things you can do to help you claim back the mornings or even the day.  Ensuring you start the day off on the right step.

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