5 simple steps to get you ready, saving for winter…

Read our saving busting tips to help you get ready for winter.

Can you believe that it’s almost THREE months to the end of the year.  It feels like winter now right, well it does in London anyways.

Christmas is round the corner.  And we know that its’s winter when all those germs, nasty colds or flu start flowing around.  Our bodies, and stress levels are set on red alert leading up to this time too.  This is the time when we spend excessive amounts of money we simply do not have.  Ah and all of those parties, events, meet ups.  I just couldn’t possibly fit them all in.

You are grouped with foreigners, I mean members of your family

In laws or out laws, steps mums and dads, or siblings who you don’t jell with, let alone see for 99.9 % of the year. Then it’s the list of presents and gifts you need to purchase, or ones that you receive that you don’t really like or don’t use.

Sorry if I’m sounding like the Scourge, for the record this is not the picture that I want to paint for myself or for you.

I want a stress free winter!

Every year we to go away (yes I try and escape at Christmas) and the madness that can sometimes accompany it.  Some of our best trips have been at the end of the year. Caribbean, Northern Europe, Africa and the Far East and this year we are heading states side for a cruise.  One of things I’ve started doing so that I can fit these gorgeous trips away is to create specific saving plans.  I started small – as seriously I’m not a saver.

52 weeks plan

Four years ago, I started a 52 week plan.  What’s this?   And why 52 weeks?

Well, this plan is my saving challenge and I usually do this at the beginning of each year.  So, how easy is it to follow? And why should we all try and do these on a yearly basis.

A stress buster

The 52 week challenge is a stress buster; it allows you to save for specific things knowing that you have additional cash stashed somewhere can really help chill you out.  It provides you with a level of satisfaction and relief, knowing that somewhere you have a stash of cash, hid away.  And as you know by now here at Nariva Boutique, we’re all about chilling out.

Here’s what you do

For the very first week you set a goal to save £1 and then every week thereafter you save the equivalent week number to monetary value so week 1 you save £1 and week 2 you save £2. And so on and so forth until you get to 52 weeks at which point you’ll put away£52.   At the end of the period you end up with £1300 or $1300.  I set these weekly payment up as standing orders in my account (I don’t tend to do daily banking transactions) and then I would tick this off on my chart.

Download your one here

And see below your 5 step challenge

  1. Download this chart
  2. Stick it on your fridge door
  3. Make sure you tick away when you save money
  4. Make sure you put the money into an account where you can visibly see it growing
  5. And finally don’t start removing money from this account.

Every year I’ve double the starting value by £2 or £3 and sometimes I start with the highest amount so £52 and work my way backwards.

Whatever you get to or wherever you save you will be smiling half way through.

Your challenge👍🏾

Tell me, what you are going to save for? and when you intend to start? And then make sure you follow the 5 steps listed above.  Don’t forget to download your 52 week planner.

Remember life is far too short to worry or stress out. Make sure you practice living like someone left that gate wide open! 😊


Have a blessed day !



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